Working Experiences of Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon
Neil Dhillon is a very versatile man who knows how to balance his priorities and concerns. When it comes to government affairs and private sector, he can also manage his time well.

His working experiences will tell you about his commitment and enthusiasm to carry out responsibilities:

  • As Chief of Staff for five years,he did his best on completing the duties assigned to him. He was the trusted legislative counsel and top aide before. He also managed re-election promotions.In 1992, he was able to raise more than $ 10 million with Bob Matsui as the DNC Treasurer. Dhillon was the senior aide in New York during the same year. He is also a member of the finance team under the Inaugural Committee.
  • Government Affairs- Deputy Asst. Secretary

For 1 year, he became a counsel for various concerns. He helped the Chief of Staff (White House) and Legislative Affairs (Office) about crisis issues. Due to his expertise in communication, he was also part of the team on writing the Airline Safety Commission. His dedication was noticed by President Clinton so the official gave Dhillon award as a top aide.

  • As the Managing Director for a couple of years, he touched the aspects such as client management, budget forecasts, business development, and management on policy issues. He had daily conversations with the Chief Executives and Board of Directors regarding public affairs.
  • For six years, Neil Dhillon was also the Public Affairs Director. He worked as a top lobbyist within the span of time on the position. He collaborated with policy leaders, organizations (non-profit), and CEOs. He was able to solve complicated regulatory and legislative issues. Consequently, his clients were very thankful to him.
  • He is also a CEO for more than 15 years. He specializes on effective policies andstrategic communications.
  • Being the Senior Vice President (Global Public Affairs and Strategic Communications), Neil works on government affairs, direct lobbying, PAC management, congressional relations, corporate communications, and legislative affairs.

Neil Dhillon

He also had the opportunity to work with several officials on different departments:

  • Department of Health and Human services
  • Department of Treasury
  • Department of State
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Transportation
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Energy

Neil Dhillon can almost do everything. He never stops learning through his experiences on his previous workplace. He transformed conflicts into something worthy and effective. Before executing the ideas he has in mind, Neil does not neglect other necessary things. He makes sure that everything is following the correct procedures.