The Greatness of Thomas Carnevale

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Would you believe that the man behind fish eye camera is Thomas Carnevale? He was considered as the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Sentry360 Security. This company is a kind of an End to End IP Video Solution organization who specializes in high and advanced resolution cameras and at the same time software management.

His telecommunication and technological background has helped him a lot to form his technical insight about the business. And the Thomas Carnevale doesn’t stop achieving his goals because he already received the top position in the company. He keeps on working hard every now and then. Actually, he also acts as the consultant of the GLG (Gerso Lehman Group). It is a well-known primary research institute which is helping lots of investment and business leaders coming from Europe, Asia and North America. Not only that, he is also accommodating phone call consultation on the huge name of investors and leaders with emerging of video surveillance advancement and technologies.

Just like any companies in the industry, Sentry360 Security also experienced slump hard during 2008. But fortunately, the company never gives up on producing and manufacturing or even thought of shutting down but it still made Carnevale much worried of their business’ status.However, with the entire moral support that h got coming from his family and friends, he then pursue it and decided to continue his journey towards success. As of now, the company is recently in the middle of progress and expansion and still extending their help on the other business in their surroundings.

They are in the phase wherein they are seeking for bigger space for manufacturing, distributing and at the same time receiving their employees and staffs. Durig2010, Sentry360 Security obtained 350% of revenue. Later then, he acclaimed that 2013 was their breakthrough time for their new branches in Dubai and Turkey. However, despite of all the blessing that he keeps on receiving each year, he still not forget the people around who plays a very significant role on the victory that they achieved. His employees and staffs who eventually became his extending family have done an exceptional work.

As a conclusion, the main ingredient of the success of the business never lies in just one person but on the cooperation and collaboration if the team within that organization. With Sentry360 Security, Thomas Carnevale’s leadership cannot be compared to anyone else of its greatness.