Foam Roofing

Foam roofing is extremely popular in the Phoenix Arizona area because it actually protects from the sun and serves as an installation. This is more of an investment because the homeowners n=ends up saving a lot of money in the long run. And if they care for it correctly it can protect for up to 10 years. And this is additional 10 years on top of what it would normally last for. Think of it as an added layers of protection from the sun. like sunscreen for your roof but in an installation form. Some of the benefits that come along with foam roofs are:
– provides superior installation that is unmatched by any other product
– it does not attract a lot of heat for the hot Pheonix summers
– It is not flimsy and can withstand a lot of different weather conditions over years
– it is not expensive


Metal roofing is not as popular but just as common because of how extra durable they are. They usually last between 20-50 years and they are conditioned to withstand any weather precipitation including hail, snow, rain, sleet and anything else that may fall out of the sky (excluding UFO’s). They are also the easiest to maintain and extremely energy efficient. On average they save homeowners 20-30% on their AC bills. Some of the benefits that come with metal roofs are:
– they are green
-they last for a long time
– Heat resistant with specialty care
-easy to maintain


Commercial roofing is in a category all by itself. There are more options to choose from like asphalt and more. Because of the flat shape that most commercial roofs request special considerations need to made when picking out your material. Some of the benefits that come with commercial roofing are:
– you will have an abundance of material options to choose from
– there are materials that fit every budget

In conclusion Phoenix roofing companies are very knowledgeable about what worls for that weather environment. There are several roofing businesses through out the Phoenix area. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone now and schedule your exclusive residential roofing service consultation.

September 25, 2017