The Best of Dr. Jim Eells

Dr. Jim EellsDr. Jim Eells is very famous and one of the leading physicians in terms of Concierge Medicine which is also known as retainer medicine, the first is defined as the link between a patient and a primary care physician, in which the payment or the retainer was made annually by the patient. As an exchange to the annual fee the physician will give personalized care to patients whenever needed. The doctor must deliver greater care through chiefly committing to limited patient loads to warrant adequate time and accessibility to every patient. Apart from the retainer medicine, concierge medicine also referred as direct care, membership medicine or cash-only practice. Although all the practices of concierge medicine give similarities, they widely differ in their supplies, structure, form of operation, and payment.

Now the time for the concierge practitioners pursues to embellish and develop. Most people nowadays, wish to have an easy to access doctors that offers a personalized care that the reason why they are in search of a personalized care physicians. Dr. Jim Eells, is a fifty year old medical practitioner indisputably offers such practice in Las Vegas Nevada. Traditionally, the term concierge medicine is associated to the words wealthy and expensive. Dr. Eells is one of the leading physicians that offers a low-cost personalized care to his patients. He is one of the modern doctors in the generation to provide personalized care to patients who wants to further distinguish their physician and expect to attain a complete health care for a charge within their budget.

Dr. Jim EellsHe also implements yearly executive physicals to all his patients and gives exceptional attention to the early discovery and prevention of diseases. He definitely considers that a balanced and healthy lifestyle is an important way in preventing majority of modern deteriorating diseases and endorses alternative treatments and medicine when suitable.

Dr. Jim Eells, completed his medicine in a medical school in university of Nevada. After he got his degree in Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology, he was licensed to exercise his medical degree. With his education it is expected that he is knowledgeable enough to offer concierge medicine. With his years of experience in the medical profession he has received some major awards including Patients Choice Award, America’s Top Physician, and Compassionate Doctor Recognition. In summary, he places as an outstanding doctor to his patients because of his being compassionate, good listener and accommodating.