Andrea Doven’s Lucky Guy

Andrea DovenFor every woman, he has an ideal man to live with. A man that will help her in raising their children, a person who will love her unconditionally and the one who stay at her side when she is down, stressed, and problematic. And of course a man who is very responsible, caring, loving, and possesses good qualities.

The lucky guy that surpassed the challenges of Andrea Doven is Michael Doven. She met this man when she worked on her second job. She first worked as a theater actress for many years before this. And if ever she did not decided to be engaged in this kind of profession, she would not meet the man that caught her heart. By fate, they married each other. Even if Andrea Doven did not decide to work in Tom Cruise’s company, they would meet each other in a different place and by different time.

Michael Doven is an American professional photographer who worked in production of many Hollywood movies. He photographed many Hollywood celebrities like Rick Rhoden, a professional golfer. His works in film began as a chief of staff and personal assistant of the Tom Cruise’s company. This is where Andrea Doven worked.

Doven had received film credits in A Few Good Men, The Firm, and Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles and Far and Away as Cruise’s assistant. He was also credited as Production Associate in Magnolia (Cruise’s 1999 film). He served as associate producer in Mission: Impossible II (2000 film), Vanilla Sky (2001 film), Minority Report (2002 film) and The Last Samurai (2003 film). He married Andrea Morse, a fellow assistant to Tom Cruise, and the daughter of actor Robert Morse.

Andrea DovenAndrea Morse has reached the Operating Thetan Level of OT VI in 2000. She also received film credits as Production Associate on various movies starring Tom Cruise and his wife, Nicole Kidman such as Eyes Wide Shut, Portrait of a Lady and Practical Magic. Cruise included Michael Doven in family outings. He was also the only one who accompanied Tom Cruise on a 2002 trip to NASA. He also became an actor in one of the movies of Tom Cruise.

Andrea Doven and Michael Doven are both competitive in their field of expertise. They are also experienced being an actor and an actress. They have the same interests and these become the reason why they really like each other. They are really meant for each other. Michael Doven is very lucky to have a woman like Andrea Doven and likewise with Andrea Doven. She is also fortunate living with a man like Michael Doven. Thus they are really perfect with each other.