Roofing Companies in Pheonix Arizona

So you just purchased a home or maybe you have lived there for a while and you realize that the roof needs fixin’. No worries because if you live in the Phoenix area the Phoenix roofing company has you covered…literally. This is a one stop roof shop!

Phoenix Roofing company are experts at what they do which includes constructive maintenance, construction and repair. They can also tackle your gutters and they offer demolition services as well when necessary.


Gutter Cleaning
Gutter repair
Roof Cleaning
Roof Flashing Repair
Insulation Instalation
Skylight Installation
Roof Replacements
Metal Roofing
Tile Roofing
Slate Roofing
and Window Installation

This is an affordable roofing company that services the Pheonix Arizona and surrounding suburbs. Phoenix Roofing Company is a company that keeps its word. They also specialize in Foam, Tile, Shingle, & Metal Roofers. Shingle roofing is the most common roofing system in the Phoenix area. But there are many different kinds of roofing and we are experts on every kind.

One of the most Durable kinds of roofing is tile roofs. As long as your contractor places the underlayment correctly you will be satisfied with this choice. Most tile roofs are made from concrete or hard clay and is 90% water proof. But don’t worry the underlayment blocks the other 10%. This is a great economical choice as well. However keep in mind that Phoenix hot desert sun may cause some wear and tear after a couple decades. Some of the benefits of getting a tile roof are:
-great durability
-usually a higher cost than shingles
-cooler than shingles
-increased home value


Shingle roofing gives you the best bargain for your buck. It is also the most common in this area. The are usually covered under your factory warranty for an astonishing 20-50 years! However, it is critical that these are installed correctly or it can shorten their life span significantly. The heat of the climate in this area can get trapped and eat away at the asphalt. Some of the benefits that you will receive when choosing to install shingle roofing are :
– you get the best value for what you spend
– it has great durability with a warranty lasting up to 50years
– There are plenty of selections and colors to choose from
– Heat is attracted to them in the summer

September 25, 2017